Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Long delayed plaza plan leaves College Green a construction site

The designs for the new College Green plaza look quite nice. There are plenty of trees, a reasonable amount of seating, and those multiple water jet fountains children who live in warmer countries like to play in. The architects, Dixon Jones/Paul Keogh Architects, have come up with what is probably the best solution to the potential between cyclists and pedestrians. The centre of the plaza will be given over entirely to pedestrians, with cyclists using a two-way track on in front of Trinity and on the opposite side of the plaza to the Bank of Ireland.

With 1,000 cyclists passing through College Green at rush hour, there will the temptation to take a diagonal line, but the centre of the plaza has been designed with cycling-unfriendly granite setts – cobblestones – to discourage this practice.

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