Sunday, 14 January 2007

Material Contravention in Longford

I had a call today about a development in Longford Town which requires material contravention of the existing Development Plan for Longford Town Council. They were looking for the details. Here they are:

Notice of Proposed Material Contravention of Longford Town Council Development Plan, 2004 - 2010 Planning and Development Act, 2000 Material Contravention of Development Plan for Longford Town Council, 2004 - 2010 Planning Application Ref. No. PL 06/56 Application for demolition of existing factory unit and construction of proposed new residential development contained in 3 blocks: Block A will consist of 4 two storey 3 bedroom houses; Block B will consist of 5 three storey 4 bedroom townhouses; and Block C will consist of 6 three storey 4 bedroom town houses (total no. of residential units 15 within the proposed development) and all associated site works, at Glack, Longford. By KUBE Developments Ltd. Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 34(6) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, that Longford Town Council intends to consider deciding to grant a permission (subject to conditions) for the proposed residential development at Glack, Longford. The development would contravene materially the following objective of the Development Plan: Zoning Objective 3.1.4 (Primarily Industrial / Commercial) of the Longford Town Council Development Plan 2004 - 2010, which reads as follows: 3.1.4 Primarily Industrial / Commercial • To primarily provide for industrial and commercial / retail / office development This dual zoning is weighted towards industrial development with commercial development also acceptable. Larger scale retail developments will be considered in light of the retail strategy as set out in this plan and the findings of the retail strategy once completed and adopted. Hi-tech business / office and light industrial developments are considered appropriate within this zoning. Particulars of the development may be inspected at the offices of Longford Town Council, Market Square, Longford, during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 9.15am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm) from Tuesday, January 9th 2007. Any submission or observation as regards the making of a decision to grant permission, received not later than 4 weeks after the 9th January, 2007 will be duly considered by the Planning Authority. Signed Dan Rooney Town Clerk 9th January, 2007

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