Thursday, 27 March 2008

Quarry owner assaulted council men, court told

TWO PLANNING officers with Kerry County Council were assaulted in the headquarters of the council by a man whose quarry had been closed down on foot of enforcement procedures taken some years previously, the District Court in Tralee heard yesterday.

Brian O'Connor (44), Moyderwell, Tralee, pleaded guilty to assaulting Kerry Barrett and Keith Parrott at Áras an Chontae in April 2007.

Supt Pat Sullivan said that at 9.45am on April 13th, 2007, Mr O'Connor entered the council offices in Tralee. He assaulted Mr Barrett by dragging him over a desk and tearing his shirt. Mr Parrott intervened and got a kick on his leg from Mr O'Connor.

Other members of the council had to restrain Mr O'Connor until gardaí arrived and arrested him, said Supt Sullivan.

Mr O'Connor had no previous convictions. His solicitor, Pádraig O'Connell, said the incident had its origins in a decision by the council to close his client's quarry "and his livelihood" in 1999.

The father of five was accompanied by his wife in court. He had at one stage been forced to live in a mobile home because of the council decision, Mr O'Connell said.

On the day in question, his client had gone there "with peace in his heart", but felt he had been treated with derision, the solicitor continued. Judge James O'Connor adjourned the matter to December 2009 and granted free legal aid to Mr O'Connor.

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Brian said...

planners in kerry use a court system that allows them use lies to put legimate quarries out of business without trial or hearing if you are soft enough to obey them. corrupt system to favour the big boys . only the very rich can get a hearing or justice in the high courts.planners are exempt from perjury must defend his family and property by whatever means available.

Brian said...
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Chris said...

In a local newspaper report with the headline “Ballymac Quarry has to stop by order of Judge” dated 5 August 1999, it was reported that: “Judge O’Leary (said): I don’t believe a word he (Brian O’Connor) says. It was a premeditated lie told in the witness box. That is a crime. There is nothing I have been told to convince me not to give an order against him. I will give all the orders required. If this goes to any other Court I want it to be stated that I believe he told a deliberate lie in the witness box in this Court”. The orders were for the closure of the unauthorised quarry.

The bottom line here is that, notwithstanding what Mr. O’Connor may wish to believe, the quarry in question was simply unauthorised. Kerry County Council was only carrying out its statutory duty in bringing this action. No “planner is exempt from perjury laws”. What an absurd notion. Accusations of corruption and perjury are libellous, and legal action on this libel is pending.