Sunday 4 September 2011

Council rejects plans for crematorium and graveyard

PLANS FOR a graveyard and crematorium close to the Dublin Mountains have been rejected.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council said the proposed Kiltiernan Burial Ground and Crematorium Park on the Ballycorus Road would be in breach of zoning.

The development, proposed by Hantise Ltd and Ashman Properties Ltd, had been the subject of more than 80 objections and 24 submissions of support.

Issues raised included concerns about emissions from the cremators and their effects on health, the impact of traffic and the effect of the development on the Loughlinstown river.

The development, on the site of a former lead mine, could also release contaminants into the waterways, objectors said.

The plan had included a two-storey crematorium with a chapel and seating for 150 people, along with prayer rooms, a family room, an administrative office and two underground cremators.

A one-acre traditional graveyard was also part of the proposal as well as an urn and ash grave burial area, and a “garden reflection pavilion” with 10ft “remembrance walls”.

The council said the site of the proposed development was located in an area zoned to protect and improve rural amenity and to provide for the development of agriculture, which did not allow for the land to be used for a crematorium.

It also said the applicant had not submitted sufficient information regarding drainage proposals for the proposed burial grounds.

“This should include a hydro-geological assessment to determine the risk assessment of the cumulative impact of the combined proposed traditional burial ground and proposed waste water treatment system on the environment and public health,” the council said. It is expected a revised proposal will be lodged for the site in the next few months.

Irish Times

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