Tuesday 17 January 2012

Beehive huts inspire monastery 'Godpods'

THE famous beehive huts built by monks along the western coast more than 1,400 years ago have inspired a modern equivalent.

Glenstal Abbey, a secluded monastery in Limerick, plans to construct two eco-friendly huts as a place for visitors on retreat to reflect and find peace.

The world-famous beehive huts, perched at Skellig Michael, above the Atlantic Ocean, were built from the sixth century onwards by monks who preferred quiet and remote locations.

Hundreds of years later, their successors -- Benedictine monks -- in Glenstal hope to have two more spaces for silence and solitude built. Inspired by the beehive huts, they will be known as 'Godpods'.

A €200,000 donation from the JP McManus Pro-Am Fund has made them possible.

According to a planning application lodged with Limerick County Council, the 'Godpods' will be 26sqm and made of timber.

A decision on the monks' application is due in the next few months.

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