Thursday, 2 February 2012

UCC to develop new centre of excellence

UCC are set a develop a new centre of excellence for sport in the third-level institution on a 100 acre site on the western outskirts of Cork city.
The acquisition of the land at Curraheen, to the south of the N25 Ballincollig bypass, is a joint venture with the Munster Agricultural Society. The land will be divided between the two organisations, with UCC planning to use the development to cater for the needs of the university’s 60 sports clubs. It will augment their existing facilities at nearby The Farm in Curraheen and the major €12m investment programme which is close to completion in the Mardyke Arena and Pavilion, near the college campus.

World-class grass and all-weather pitches, along with modern changing-rooms and indoor support facilities, are all in the pipeline to be constructed at the new Curraheen site.

Read the article @ The Irish Examiner


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