Wednesday 17 May 2017

Dublin Port film studio plans have been rejected

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has poured cold water over plans to bring a new film studio to south Dublin.
DPC has published a report on the public consultation process for the first review of its Masterplan 2012-2040 which reached out to local residents, political representatives, local businesses, community and environmental groups.
It found that there is no room for a studio in its future plans:
"There was one submission supporting the location of a film studio in the Port Estate. This submission was lodged by the project promoters," the review of the consultation process stated.
"No submissions were advanced which advocated the transfer or surrender of port lands for non-port purposes. Specifically there were no third party submissions advocating the development of a film studio on port lands in the Poolbeg Peninsula. The submission lodged by the promoters of the film studio proposal provided no detail or information on how their proposed project could be reconciled within the context of the issues identified within the Masterplan Review Paper," the report added.
This space will be used for, "core port purposes as an alternative to additional infill proposals."
In January, Dublin City Council (DCC) revealed plans to build a new mini-town in this area. Its 'Poolbeg West' development south of the Docklands beside Ringsend, will have space for 3,000 new homes.
When those plans were announced in January, Dublin Bay Studios reiterated its hopes to build a production facility.
It said that the studio would create 1,800 direct jobs and a further 1,800 indirectly. There is still a possibility that alternative plans could bring a production facility to the area.
In a joint statement today the duo behind the proposals, Windmill Lane Studios founder James Morris and producer Alan Moloney, told Newstalk:
"The Studios continue to receive overwhelming support and we are very committed to delivering on this project because we believe it is in the national interest. Not only will it support the regeneration of Dublin’s inner city, it will also act as a catalyst for growth in the creative industries, creating thousands of jobs and putting Ireland on the map internationally for film, TV and digital content production."
The proposed development would be situated on part of the Poolbeg West SDZ area which has been classified as not suitable for housing.
A spokesperson from Dublin Bay Studios added: "It is our understanding that there were in excess of 40 public submissions in support of the development ... In his report on the Poolbeg West SDZ public consultation process, the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council noted that there was a ‘significant’ number of public submissions in support of the Studios."

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