Sunday 18 February 2018

EXPLAINER: Everything you didn't already know about Project Ireland 2040

We don't want to say Project Ireland 2040 covers "life, the universe and everything", but it definitely comes close.

If you have been left scratching your head as to why Leo Varadkar's cabinet has gone west to Sligo under the banner of Project Ireland 2040, you're not alone. Since the talks will be affecting how we all live and work in twenty years time, however, it's best we break it down so the future isn't as shocking as it already is.

Project Ireland 2040 comprises of a 10 year €116 billion capital investment plan and a new National Planning Framework, which is a future strategy document that will break down how the government intends to tackle the growth of Ireland's population.

This is necessary since Ireland's population will grow by a further estimated million over the course of the next two decades. In turn, this means approximately 550,000 new houses are going to be required on top of a further 660,000 jobs.

It is a shocking likelihood, which is going to necessitate a solid long-term capital spending plan that reaches into all wakes of life, from school and housing to transport, infrastructure and healthcare.

And sure, nobody likes to think about the future too much, especially when told that you have to do it all on a single day, but since the International Monetary Fund have been advising we finally get it done in their 2017 report, it looks as if today is the big day.

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