Thursday, 10 December 2009

FG in call over Poolbeg incinerator

Fine Gael has called on Dublin City Council to prevent the commencement of construction work on the Poolbeg incinerator over alleged non-compliance with the planning procedure.

Late last month, an announcement was made by the council that it would start construction of the 600,000 tonne incinerator within weeks, a move then described by Minister for the Environment John Gormley as “most unwise” and “foolhardy”.

This morning, Fine Gael Councillor Catherine Noone called on Dublin City Council to prevent construction work from commencing on the site.

She claimed a planning requirement that developers carry out comprehensive reports on wildlife was not fully met.

“Under the conditions of the planning permission, the developers are required to submit reports for public inspection. The two reports that have not been available are a water fowl survey and a fish diversity survey."

"As a matter of extreme urgency, I am calling on Dublin City Council’s planning enforcement department to ensure that construction does not commence because these conditions have not been made", she said.

Ms Noone called on Mr Gormley "for once and for all to intervene and permanently halt the construction of the Incinerator which is due to commence in a matter of days.”

Mr Gormley told The Irish Times last month he would introduce a cap on incineration which would limit the facility to burning just half its annual waste capacity.

Irish Times


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The Galway Tent said...

The Gormley


The Greens have stated the "EPA is utterly compromised" [Boyle].


Gormley Lies In Dail About Poolbeg Incinerator Process?

In The Dail on Dec 2, 2009, referring to the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator, Mr J Gormley stated:

"In carrying out their functions, planning authorities, including An Bord Pleanála, and the EPA in regard to waste licensing, act independently of the Minister."

Is the above statement tresspassing on a lie? Or simply not fully truthful? Or just part of the spin process known as The Big Lie?

* The Greens have stated the "EPA is utterly compromised" [Boyle]. EPA's "independent" Board contains a former industry employee (Burke of Indaver). An ex-EPA Director has worked to promote the Poolbeg Incinerator and the failed West Dublin Incinerator.

* In office Mr Gormley has not corrected EPA's apparently dodgy corporate governance.

* RPS represents Dublin City Council's incinerator team and has a former RPS employee on the Board of Bord Pleanála

* In office Mr Gormley has not corrected Bord Pleanála's apparently dodgy corporate governance.

* Compare & contrast: DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank.
* In office Mr Gormley has apparently not corrected DDDA's dodgy corporate governance and supports the non-bankruptcy of the cowboy Anglo-Irish Bank. Serious potential conflicts remain in place.