Tuesday 1 November 2011

Unique character and qualities but large areas of space under-utilised

BALBRIGGAN is already a place of 'unique character and qualities' but it has large areas of 'underutilised' space that should be put to use for its people. That is the view expressed in Balbriggan's Public Realm Plan which states: 'Balbriggan town centre is a place of unique character and qualities, held together by a strong, diverse and coherent community.'

It's historical development is unique and this is evident in its rich natural, built and cultural heritage. 'However, there are large areas of under-utilised space, including Mill Park, the harbour, the beach, and the Martello Tower area and viaduct car park which are poorly connected to the town or to each other, yet which have considerable potential to be improved for the benefit of the town as a whole.' Loci, the consultants who put the plan together, said that community consultation was crucial in the development of the project.

Through that consultation a number of themes emerged which are all addressed in the plan. The consultants came to the conclusion that the town's strengths which needed to be built upon were its heritage and landmark buildings along with the great resources of a harbour and seafront. But the consultants said: 'Surprisingly, many of these are, as yet, untapped or not fully exploited.' More than anything, the Public Realm Plan means to put that right.

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