Sunday, 19 October 2008

Incentives clear way for relocation of Dublin Port

The government has cleared the way in the budget for the relocation of Dublin Port by announcing that it plans to introduce tax incentives to "facilitate the removal and relocation of Seveso-listed industrial facilities which hinder the residential and commercial regeneration of docklands in urban brownfield areas".

Subject to approval by the European Commission, the tax incentives will allow the removal of storage facilities for fuel and chemicals in the port, freeing up the land for development. This in turn will fund the relocation of the port away from the city centre.

Senior sources said that Irish Continental Group (ICG), which is at the centre of a takeover battle between One51 and Liam Carroll, would also benefit despite the fact that its 33-acre site is outside the Seveso area.

A source said that when the petrol tanks are relocated it will allow sequential development along the port and eventually as far as the ICG site. The Irish Takeover Panel is currently inquiring into an alleged link between the One51-led investment vehicle Moonduster and the British-based Arkaga fund regarding share buying in ICG last year.

CIE is also set to be a beneficiary, as the Health & Safety Authority raised concerns about the proximity of its proposed €1bn development of 14 acres at the CIE station in Galway to the Topaz oil storage facility and the Cold Chon tarmac facility. Their removal would free up development of that site and a Bus Eireann maintenance garage site.

In Cork, there are three Seveso sites in the docklands which are owned by Topaz, the National Oil Reserves Agency and Gouldings Fertiliser which is owned by Origin Enterprises. That means those lands can be developed by their owners while also freeing up other land in the area for development.

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DDDA Vision for Sandymount

Image Inspired By London Independent


* They are Kremlinesque, the most secretive communications operation I have ever encountered. They try to kill stories and suppress the flow of information to the public. They obfuscate.

* Their annual report fails to give any information about the directors -- all political appointees. Names only. They could all be escaped convicts, hermaphrodites or illiterates for all we are told.

* Its contacts with the public (whom it is meant to protect) are Orwellian.

* Anglo-Irish boss Sean FitzPatrick was adamant, the richest banker in Ireland took a swipe at the poor. He believed it was time to tackle the "sacred cow" of child benefit, state pensions, old people on medical cards etc.

[Oct 2008: Banks given €480,000,000,000 protection money; medical cards used for funding].

Q: An Irish Senator wrote the above comments. About who?

*Dublin Docklands Development Authority?
*Environment Protection Agency ?
*An Bord Pleanala ?
* Anglo-Irish Bank?
* Dublin City Council?
* Financial Regulator?

A: Pussycat Paddy is for the birds