Wednesday, 29 October 2008

‘A new beginning has been offered to the city’

LIMERICK’S Northside and Southside Regeneration agencies identified three key pillars around which the entire €3 billion plan will be formed — social, economic, and physical regeneration.

The authors state: “Social regeneration is ultimately about building key characteristics such as self-esteem, confidence, civic pride and motivation. These ingredients if developed throughout communities, heighten social standards, and lower disadvantage; they also break down external prejudices and build trust”

With unemployment running at over 80% in the Limerick estates identified, the authors say economic regeneration should include new government incentives to attract private sector investment.

“Job creation is greatly challenged by the education deficits in these areas. Currently there is a very high percentage of people in these areas with only basic primary education and creating an environment whereby young people are not alone encouraged, but want remain in education is also central to economic regeneration.”

Physical regeneration will be the most obvious part of the plan, given the number of houses to be demolished that will need to be replaced.

Replacement housing will be limited to the amount of houses needed to cater for families who wish to stay in their areas. All other housing beyond this will be private and/or affordable housing.

The authors add: “The physical regeneration element of the plan is, however, by no means exclusive to housing and will also include provision for retail, sporting, youth, educational and childcare infrastructure developments.”

One of the many exciting proposals provides for the development of a regional park on the site of an old landfill near Moyross.

The new Moyross will be divided into five distinctive estates with their own characteristic.

Local amenities will also include a central garda station, town park, train station linking to the nearby city centre-Ennis line and sports park.

Southill’s Fr Pat Hogan, a member of the southside regeneration board, said: “With the advent of Limerick Regeneration, a new beginning has been offered to the city. An opportunity is being given to build a new city and a new citizenry.”

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