Friday 20 June 2008

Objectors fear for Sligo mountain

CONCERN was expressed that the profile of a mountain "will be destroyed for all time" by quarrying operations.

The claim was made in a sub-mission on a planning application by Hillstreet Quarries Ltd for the continued operation of an existing quarry near Geevagh.

Despite the environmental concerns and objections from local residents, Sligo County Council granted planning permission to the company to continue to operate within an overall site of 287 hectares at Glen, Knockroe, Derrysallagh and Rover townlands near Geevagh.

The planning application drew a total of 10 submissions. The Kilronan Mountain Action Group talked in their submission of the impact of the quarrying operations on the local population because of the amount of heavy traffic on inadequate roads and blasting. They felt that blasting should be monitored independently because in the past blasting had caused vibrations in nearby houses and considerable alarm to the occupants.

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