Monday 16 March 2009

Patrick Shaffrey - Planning is 'vital national interest'

Madam, – I read with great pleasure – and indeed a renewed sense of hope – the report in your edition of March 12th of a Co Clare planning case which came before Mr Justice Hedigan in the High Court.

The judge’s remarks that the planning system is “a vital national interest”, and that today’s bad planning decisions “sentence generations to live with the consequences” will be a source of comfort to planners, architects and other concerned groups throughout the country.

They go to the heart of our current planning problems.

After the demise of the so-called “Celtic Tiger”, we have thousands of houses scattered across the country in inappropriate locations, many empty or half-built. They will present severe challenges for future generations.

For years I have been emphasising that a house is not a crop and once built it is there for ever. – Yours, etc,


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