Friday 17 April 2009

Capital will become 'Mecca for pedestrians'

DUBLIN'S city centre is to become a mecca for pedestrians and cyclists by 2020 featuring an expanded boardwalk on both sides of the Liffey from Custom House Quay to Heuston Station, Dublin City Council was told yesterday.

Cars will effectively be banned from the city centre in favour of public transportation and orbital traffic routes that will allow greater access and safety to an estimated 400,000 people who are expected to stream into the city each day within the next decade, according to the City Centre Transportation Plan unveiled at the council's transportation committee meeting yesterday.

The plan is a blueprint for development over the next decade that will take into account the capital's current and projected growth, employment and transportation patterns.

"The increase in public transport patronage, in the number of people living in the city, in the number of jobs, cultural activities, education, retail and business all contribute to a demand for additional pedestrian space," according to the report by senior traffic engineer engineer Eoghan Madden yesterday.

Allison Bray
Irish Independent

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