Sunday 9 August 2009

Goodman's oil plan rejected

Beef baron Larry Goodman's plans for a waste facility for used cooking oils at his meat processing plant in Ballymun in north Dublin has been rejected by Fingal County Council.

The businessman, through his companies AIBP and Agri Energy, sought planning permission to change part of the processing plant from meat to a waste water facility for the collection, storage and distribution of used cooking oils.

He also sought permission for storage tanks for the oil at the 16.5-acre site next to Dublin airport.

However, the local authority found that "development of the kind proposed would be premature pending the adoption and publication" of a local area plan.

It also found that AIBP had "not adequately demonstrated that the proposed development complies" with the zoning objective of the area.

"On this basis, it is considered that the development would materially contravene the land use zoning objective and would set an undesirable precedent for similar inappropriate development in the area and as such would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area," it said.

AIBP had said there is a "significant demand" for collection of used cooking oil as it "causes significant problems with the foul effluent drainage network in conurbations as it solidifies in pipes and causes numerous pumping and blockages of drains".

Sunday Tribune

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