Tuesday 6 October 2009

Council anger as city lane gets renamed

CONCERNS were raised last night about how one of the country’s biggest developers was allowed to rename one of Cork’s historic lanes.

Cllr Sean Martin (FF) raised the issue with city manager Joe Gavin just days after Owen O’Callaghan unveiled his €600 million shopping precinct.

The development on the site of the old Irish Examiner building on Academy Street and the former Johnson & Perrott garage on Emmet Place has been hailed as a major boost to the city centre.&

But Mr Martin last night asked Mr Gavin to explain how Faulkner’s Lane was renamed Opera Lane.

"Can someone change the name of a street without council being involved?" he asked.

"We have umpteen requests from the public to change street names every year. I thought there were protocols governing this kind of thing."

During Mr Martin’s term as Lord Mayor in 2005, controversy raged about proposals to name a new bridge in the city. It resulted in the setting up of a committee to manage such matters.

However, this committee was not consulted on the Opera Lane issue, it emerged last night.

Mr Martin said while he welcomed the development, he wanted to raise the issue on a point of principle.

Mr Gavin and the Lord Mayor, Cllr Dara Murphy, defended the development.
Mr Gavin said: "What’s there now is a new street. The current width is two or three times the size of original lane. It is a magnificent development and I would like to complement the developer."

Faulkner’s Lane was named after Riggs Faulkner who operated a bank in the area in the 1760s. It is understood new street signs will read: "Opera Lane, formerly known as Faulkner’s Lane."

Irish Examiner


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