Saturday, 19 December 2009

Flood works not included in Wicklow Town's South Quay repairs

WORKS WILL take place early in the New Year to strengthen the road at South Quay but flood protection works won't be included.

The road is in danger of falling into the river and Wicklow Town Council and the Port Company have both agreed to share part of the bill as both own part of the road. Work on the road should start sometime in January or early February of 2010.

Speaking at the most recent Wicklow Town Council meeting, Town Manager Michael Nicholson, said, 'funding is not in place but we have made an application. We already have development levies adopted for the project so we can at least start work. We will also have to look at the road grant for next year.'

Cllr. Pat Byrne had earlier noted that 'if the work doesn't start soon then the road will fall into the river.'

Cllr. Eamonn Long said any works taking place should involved flood protection works as well. But Mr. Nicholson urged the members to go ahead with the road improvement works, pointing out that consultants had already warned that by stopping flooding in one area, you are only moving it on to another.

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