Thursday 24 June 2010

'Kiss-and-ride' facilities planned for tram stations

WHOEVER said romance was dead hadn't heard of the soppy Luas chiefs.

They're providing 'kiss-and-ride' facilities for commuters using the planned Luas link-up in Dublin city centre. In fact, the reality is far less salacious than that implied in the rather suggestive term.

The Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) yesterday formally applied for 'kiss-and-ride' facilities to be provided at the Luas Broombridge line.

It means that drivers can drop off their loved ones at the Luas, receive a kiss and then drive away. Park-and-ride facilities are available at the Red Cow for Tallaght line Luas passengers.

But those using the new city centre route from 2018 will not be given parking spaces. They will just have to make do with a kiss.

Tom Manning, RPA spokesman, said yesterday the phrase probably originated in the US.

"People can just drive in and get a peck on the cheek and then drive away. The person receiving the kiss doesn't have to get out of the car."

Treacy Hogan
Irish Independent

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