Monday 22 August 2011

An Taisce opposes Temple Bar McDonald's

PLANS TO open a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant in Dublin’s Temple Bar would detract from the cultural, artistic and historic character of the area, An Taisce has said.

The heritage body has joined Temple Bar Cultural Trust in opposing the fast-food giant’s plans to open a branch at the site of the former Fitzer’s restaurant and more recently Frankie’s steakhouse and bar at Temple Bar Square.

Several local residents and politicians have also made submissions on the company’s application to Dublin City Council.

An Taisce, invited by the council to comment on the application, said there was an oversupply of fast-food restaurants in the area and a branch of McDonald’s would contribute to the problems caused by alcohol in Temple Bar.

“The permitting of a large global fast-food chain restaurant in this highly visible location in the centre of Temple Bar would contribute to and reinforce the existing negative synergy between the uses of alcohol and fast food in the area, and the perception of Temple Bar as overwhelmingly a drinking and fast-food quarter.”

There were five fast-food restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the site and a further 13 on the perimeter streets bounding Temple Bar, An Taisce said.

McDonald’s would not comment on the opposition to its plans but has said the development would result in 60 jobs.

Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin Maria Parodi said any jobs McDonald’s might generate would displace existing employment in other local restaurants.

Cllr Kieran Binchy (FG) said the area was unsuitable for “generic international fast-food restaurants”. Instead small independent businesses should be encouraged.

The Irish Times Environment Editor and Temple Bar resident Frank McDonald has also made a submission opposing the planning application.

Irish Times

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