Tuesday, 6 December 2011

500 homes at risk as council rejects flood defence scheme

MORE than 500 homes will remain at risk of flooding for the foreseeable future after Dublin city councillors last night rejected plans to build a defence scheme.

In a unanimous decision, councillors threw out plans to build the defences along a 3km stretch of the coastline, meaning the northside suburb of Clontarf will remain unprotected from storms and high tides.

The council had secured funding of €4.3m to erect grass mounds between the promenade and road stretching from Alfie Byrne Road to the Woodenbridge. But the height of the mounds caused controversy, with residents claiming they would block views of the sea.

Some 83pc of the defences were to be under 1.5 metres, the council said, reaching a maximum height of 2.17 metres near the old Clontarf baths.

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