Thursday 9 February 2012

Town Centre Development Update by Council

In an official statement on the current situation regarding the development of Sligo Town Centre by a subsidary company of Treasury Holdings.

Callside Developments Ltd and Treasury Holdings was recently taken over by NAMA, the state's National Asset Management Agency - now recognised as one of the largest property companies in the world.

The Mayor of Sligo and all Borough councillors were informed on 31st January 2012 by the Assistant Director of Services, Paula R. Gallagher that;

'Treasury Holdings/Callside Developments Ltd. continue to brief Sligo Borough Council in respect of their ongoing negotiations with the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA). The council is also aware that there is a High Court Hearing in respect of these negotiations scheduled for the 21st of February and is not is a position to make further comment in advance of the outcome of the scheduled High Court Hearing.

Notwithstanding the ongoing negotiations between Treasury Holdings and NAMA and until such time as there is an outcome from the High Court Hearing, SBC must continue to fulfil its contractual obligations.'

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