Friday 25 October 2019

New app for planning application information

Esri Ireland has announced that the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government is launching a new open data web service on its digital mapping platform. The two websites (the second the map based option) can be found at:
The service will enable members of the public to access and review information about planned developments in their local areas going back as far as 2010.
As planning information is presented in map form, it will be easier for people to visualise where developments are taking place.
The new database was designed and implemented using Esri’s ArcGIS, and is being made available for viewing and analysis via the ArcGIS Open Data platform, the world’s fastest growing open data platform.
Currently 31 local authorities are responsible for the provision of a planning authority function in Ireland, and these authorities create and collect planning applications and assign coordinates to each application.
However, prior to Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government’s implementation of the database there was no standard mechanism in place to manage the storage of planning application data.
The development of the National Planning Application Database marks a further step towards the creation of a data infrastructure for geography and statistics that will ultimately facilitate evidence-based decision making across the public sector, a statement from Esri Ireland said.
"For the first time, stakeholders and other interested parties will have access to a visual representation of planned development throughout Ireland, enabling them to track development and contributing to more efficient national infrastructure planning in the future," Eamonn Doyle, CTO, Esri Ireland, said.
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