Friday 16 December 2022

Taoiseach says overhauling planning laws 'essential' to delivering climate and housing targets

 TAOISEACH MICHEÁL MARTIN has said overhauling the planning system through new laws is “essential if we are to meet our climate change agenda”. Speaking to reporters in Brussels this morning, he said “if we are to fulfill our obligations in the draft Climate Action Plan, and also in the housing areas” the new planning laws are needed. Cabinet yesterday approved plans for new planning laws, with Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien stating that the reforms will create a “modern, efficient planning system, with coherence between policies, plans and decisions”. But a potential coalition clash is brewing, with a number of Green Party members uneasy with the proposed changes. When questioned about the potential new year clash between coalition parties, the Taoiseach said the the planning bill was approved by all three parties in Government yesterday, but it will go to pre-legislative scrutiny where it will be evaluated and examined.

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