Sunday 18 February 2024

Build first, ask later – 1000s are building without planning permission and getting away with it

 If anyone has carried out development without planning permission and now you need retention planning permission, please give BPS a call to discuss.

Thousands of people who carried out building works without planning permission have been granted retention approval by local authorities. 

An Irish Independent investigation lays bare the culture of “build now, ask later” with an analysis of figures provided by councils and a trawl of planning applications. Building first and asking for forgiveness later is an approach that has been adopted by at least 11,000 people since 2019.

Retention permission is sought after an unauthorised development has been built. More often than not, these applications are approved, according to data seen by this newspaperWhile some of the works were extremely minor, or involved a slight deviation from permission already granted, others have built huge extensions and one-off houses. Of the 1,260 retention applications made to Dublin City Council between 2019 and 2023, only 193 were refused.

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