Friday, 27 April 2007

Corranure Landfill smell unacceptable – Manager

Major works are currently in train to control the foul smell of gas from the
Corranure Landfill site, adjacant to the Cootehill road but the County Manager
Jack Keyes points out that the total elimination of all odour from current
landfills is an impossibility.
The Manager told a meeting of Cavan County Council this week that he
wished to acknowledge the presence of foul odours in the area surrounding
Coranure landfill. The situation has been unacceptable for some time.
Significant resources have been inputted to find a solution. Expert companies
from Ireland and the UK have played roles. There have been a noticeable
improvement in recent weeks.
Cavan County Council has recently undertaken significant works at Corranure
Landfill to address landfill gas odour emanating from the facility and intends
shortly to provide a permanent capping system to the current active cell which
will significantly reduce gas emissions.
Specialist landfill gas management companies have been employed in the
upgrading and monitoring of the gas collection and flaring systems. To
improve the efficiency of the gas collection system and reduce odour
emissions, the Council has recently provided a 0.5m clay capping layer to the
active cell on all areas except the working face, which has resulted in a
noticeable reduction in gas emissions at the facility.
"I would like to thank all those who have made submissions or expressed
opinions and assure them that progress is being made. The fact that the
situation has existed in many other landfills across the country is of little
comfort to those whose quality of life has been affected. The focus is now on
the future", stated the Co. Manager.
Mr. Keyes pointed out that the kernal of the problem is the use of the landfill to
dispose of ever increasing quantities of waste. The decomposition of waste
leads to the production of methane gas which causes smell. The
accompanying technical statement gives details of some of the measures
used to deal with same.
"The medium term solution we are developing is to cease the landfilling of
composable material and to develop alternative technology to deal with waste.
I am happy to confirm that the planning for this is advanced".
"Corranure now needs to re-establish itself as a landfill/waste disposal facility
of the highest reputation. The civic amenity site, used by many members of
the public, is an example of the quality Cavan County Council provides. It is
my intention, working with my professional and willing staff and the elected
members, to bring forward a solution for the people residing adjacant to
Corranure, and the county at large", stated the Co. Manager.
Sean McMahon
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