Monday, 16 April 2007

Drilling recommences offshore at Corrib gas field

The Corrib Gas Partners have recommenced drilling activities in the Corrib Gas field, 83km off the west coast of Ireland.

At the end of this season's drilling, the Partners plan to have five wells complete and ready for production. The drilling programme is scheduled to finish by late Autumn 2007.

The Corrib field is in 350m of water, with the gas reservoir a further 3000m below the seabed. The Sedco 711 drilling rig - which is being employed in the Corrib Gas field - is a semi submersible drilling unit capable of operating in harsh environments and water depth of up to 550m.

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) - or underwater robots - will be operated from the surface, whilst performing construction and maintenance work in deep water that is beyond the depth of commercial diving.

Construction of the gas processing plant in Bellanaboy is scheduled to commence in October and will employ up to 700 people in Co. Mayo. Once on stream, Corrib gas will provide up to 60% of Ireland's gas needs - thereby reducing dependence on foreign imports.

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