Thursday, 19 April 2007

Residents object to new lakeside village plan

Several residents in Terryglass have lodged objections to the multi-million euro plan to develop an entire new village on a lakeshore site close to the existing village.
One of the objections submitted is in the names of thirteen local people who say the application is not compatible with the policies of the North Tipperary County Development Plan and should be refused.
The council, which is considering two separate applications in relation to the development, has sought further information from the developers on its plans prior to making a decision on the matter.
A Coolbawn based firm of planning consultants, Gerrard and Associates, in a submission on behalf of thirteen named residents of the area says the council failed to make documents in relation to the planning application available to the public for a full three weeks after they were received from the developers.
Because of this the firm submits that the council is in breach of the Planning and Development Act 2000. The firm asserts that the act states that the application must be available for inspection or purchase at the council offices during the prescribed time, which the local authority failed to do.
“The community in Terryglass had two weeks instead of the statutory five weeks to make their observations and submissions to the planning authority.”
Gerrard and Associates go on to accuse the council of putting the community of Terryglass at a disadvantage by not keeping its side of the contract.
The firm states that the community is further disadvantaged by the “unacceptable splitting” of the application. One planning application for the site has been submitted by a company called Gladedale Limited, while a second has been submitted by Gladedale Limited and CastleCourt Developments Ltd.
The proposed development is 1.5km from the core of Terryglass village. The new development was too far away to exist as an integral part of the existing village, residents contend.
The residents through Gerrard and Associates argue that the proposed development is not sustainable and is not an integrated tourism proposal. “ is a proposal for a high density residential estate more suited to an urban setting in a town...there is no local demand for this type of residential development.”
The objection submitted on behalf of the residents goes on to state that Terryglass Castle, built in 1219, is on the proposed site.
They argue that it is unnecessary to accede to the developers’ plans to demolish buildings previously used for tourism purposes on the site.
The site also included a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area for Birds. The area was also a Natural Heritage Area.
The residents contend that the proposed development, which includes 60 residential units, is not in accordance with the Guidelines on Residential Density.
“The proposal in its present form is unsuitable for a small village such as Terryglass... The densities as proposed indicate holiday home investment development which will remain empty in winter or a residential development for commuters. Neither is sustainable in the context of lack of infrastructure and damage to the existing village, to the amenities of the nearby dwellings and damage to the natural environment.”
The objection prepared by Gerrard and Associates goes on to state that “the quality of design and layout is poor” and not in accordance with the Development Plan.
“Grafting the new to the old is a skill, which calls for greater integrity of purpose than we can observe here...None of the houses have satisfactory private space. The retail element of the proposal is unsustainable in this location and is incompatible with the retail strategy for County Tipperary.”
Peter Gleeson
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