Sunday 12 November 2006

Areas of Special Planning Control in Irish planning

Areas of Special Planning Control in Irish planning

“A planning authority may, if it considers that all or part of an architectural conservation area is of special importance to, or as respects, the civic life or the architectural, historical, cultural or social character of a city or town in which it is situated, prepare a scheme setting out development objectives for the preservation and enhancement of that area, or part of that area, and providing for matters connected therewith” (section 84).

Such a scheme must include objectives which achieve this – these are detailed in the Act. Such a scheme must be consistent with any development plan, local plan or IAP. It must indicate for how long it will be in force. Prioritization of objectives is encouraged in the Act. There is a very detailed procedure laid out in Section 85 of the Act for the preparation and adoption of a special planning control scheme. Such a scheme must be reviewed every 6 years. Exempted development rights do not apply in these areas. Planners must take it into consideration when assessing development applications.

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