Wednesday 29 November 2006

The Atlantic Gateways Report

Has anyone else seen the Atlantic Gateways Report? This appears to have received no attention at all, yet it has been around since September 2006.

According to this 79 paged, heavily designed report, the Atlantic Gateways initiative aims to establish greater levels of connectivity and synergies between Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford across areas such as economic development, physical infrastructure as well as
social and cultural development. The basic premise of the concept is that by co-operation in relevant areas, the development potential of all of the four gateways will be enhanced. This enhanced development potential would help to create a higher level of critical mass and a more self-sustaining growth impetus complementing the Greater Dublin Area and the Dublin/Belfast Corridor. In so doing the Atlantic Gateways will promote more balanced regional development.

It is meant to build on the National Spatial Strategy.

Here's the link:

Anyone want to write a review?

Brendan Buck

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