Tuesday 20 March 2007

Cong quarry objection

RESIDENTS OF a south Mayo village have lodged an extensive submission with Mayo County Council against the retention of a stone quarry in the region.
The Residents and Landowners Committee of Creevagh, Cong have lodged objections against a planning application for the retention of existing quarry facilities at a site known locally as Creevagh North.
The application, which was lodged by Mr Gerry Varley, is for the retention of the existing quarry facility, access road and exit onto the Creevagh Road. Furthermore, the application also includes the blasting and crushing of rock on an area of three hectares, along with an application for all auxiliary site works.
Residents of the scenic south Mayo village have lodged a lengthy submission with the local planning authority objecting to the quarry application on legislative and ecological grounds.
The submission contends that contrary to the ‘Quarries and Ancillary Activities Guidelines for Planning Authorities April 2004’, there was a failure to register the quarry under the 2004 registration procedure.Therefore, it is argued that the current site is the subject of an unauthorised development procedure.
Furthermore, the concerned residents have also outlined that there is the possibility of extensive ecological damage if the quarry application is granted, citing the wide variety of plants and animals which inhabit the region.
Their objection also makes reference to the current roads infrastructure in the area, saying that the entrance and exit to the quarry will adversely affect the rural road and that the current roadway is wholly unsuitable for a high volume of heavy goods vehicles.
Furthermore, extensive reference was also made to a previous planning application, for a quarry at Creevagh, Ballyheane, Co Mayo, which was refused on appeal by An Bord Pleanála.
The current application, which has been lodged with Mayo County Council, is due for decision on March 29, but it is expected that further information will be sought by the Council.
A spokesperson for the residents said the processing of the application would be policed very carefully by them. They believed their arguments against the stone quarry were overwhelming.
Claire Egan
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