Friday 16 March 2007

Issue of planning objections debated

'Professional objectors' are objecting to developments in Bagenalstown inhibiting progress, Bagenalstown Town Council heard last week.
A discussion about the overhang at the new credit union quickly veered off topic at last week's meeting of Bagenalstown Town Council when Cllr. Paddy Kiely said that when it came to planning in Bagenalstown some people got it and other people didn't.
Cllr. Margaret Cushen however pointed out that it was the right of everyone to make submissions.
'I never said they were not entitled to but you have professional objectors objecting in Bagenalstown. All the latest objectors are members of Bagenalstown Environmental Association (BEA).
'These are certain individuals who are objecting the whole time. They ran Niall Quinn, a international footballer who could have put Bagenalstown on the map, out of town.'
Trying to bring order to the proceedings Cathaoirleach Margaret Cushen said 'this is not part of what we are meant to be discussing'.
However Cllr. Denis Foley continued on in the same vein as Cllr. Kiely. 'We are going to lose a hotel for Bagenalstown now [because An Bord Pleanala refused permission] and section 23 is gone too. A hotel is a long-term investment. I wanted it for the town and now we are not going to get it.
'Other developments in the town are in jeopardy too. We can put gates and locks at each end of the town and say developers are not welcome. We are not developing the way we should be.'
Cllr. John Clarke asked Cllr. Cushen, who is a member of the BEA, if it put her in an awkward position.
'I have no problem with being a member and will continue to be a member.'
Cllr. Kiely however was not appeased. 'These people are unconstitutional. We are under threat from them. I was talking to one developer who said he was moving to Tullow while another said if you wanted permission in Bagenalstown from Carlow County Council you had to have a meeting with the BEA first.'
Cllr. Cushen said An Bord Pleanala were a totally independent body and once submissions were made to them they sent an independent inspector to the site and made up their own mind.
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