Wednesday 12 September 2007

DAA approves contracts for T2

The Board of the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has approved the placing of a number of significant contracts that will enable construction work to proceed, as soon as possible, on the second passenger terminal (T2) at Dublin Airport.

Following the recent decision by by An Bord Plean├íla, the DAA plans to begin initial site work for T2 in the first week of October, subject to agreement with the relevant statutory authorities. "The contracts approved, have a combined value of about €200m and cover key elements of the new terminal, including the building's sub and superstructure, steelwork and exterior walls and roof" - said DAA Chief Executive, Declan Collier.

On behalf of the DAA Board, the Chairman, Gary McGann welcomed An Bord Pleanála's decision to grant permission for T2 and, separately, for the new runway that will be required at Dublin Airport within the next five years. "It is patently clear to all reasonable observers that Dublin Airport urgently needs significant additional capacity, appropriate to a capital city airport and one of the busiest and fastest-growing such facilities in Europe.

"The Government has directed that T2 be built as quickly as the planning system allowed and the costs of the development have been independently assessed and affirmed. The business and tourism communities have given their strong support for it and passengers are looking forward to the space, comfort and additional choice of services that it will provide.

"In this context, the Board of the DAA is pleased to be in a position to approve commencement of one of the most important infrastructural projects in the history of the State and one that will secure Dublin Airport's position as the key gateway to the island of Ireland for decades to come.

"With the best interests of all Dublin Airport's customers in mind, the Board also hopes the construction timeline for T2 and related facilities is not subject to vexatious legal challenges and the threat of further unnecessary delays" - Mr McGann added.

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