Friday 7 September 2007

Green light for new port north

THE Government has given the go-ahead for a new deep water port near Balbriggan where investment of around €210m is planned. But the development is totally separate from the proposal to develop Dublin Port northwards.

The new port is to be developed at Bremore near Balbriggan in a joint venture between Drogheda Port and a private company, Castle Market Holdings.

Transport and Marine Minister Noel Dempsey briefed the Cabinet yesterday on the intention by himself and FInance Minister Brian Cowen to give Drogheda Port company permission to develop the joint facility.

A Government spokesman said legislation will have to be prepared and passed before the new port can go ahead.

This will involve the bringing forward of a new Harbours' Bill as the area proposed lies outside the limits provided for in current legislation.

The proposed development would not have any implications for the future of Dublin Port, a spokesperson for the Department of Transport and the Marine said last night.

As was made clear in the National Development Plan, the results of this will be considered by the Department before any decisions are made.

Drogheda Port Company said yesterday's Government decision was a positive move and they intend to move forward now with an Environmental Impact Statement.

Work on the plan began five years ago, and aims to develop new facilities at Bremore at an estimated cost of €210m.

Irish Independent

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