Tuesday 11 March 2008

Clonakilty Tidal Barrage

The work on Clonakilty Tidal Barrage is in the pipelines to begin at the start of May this year. The overall cost of the project is thought to exceed four million euro. The Minister for the Environment, heritage and Local Government has committed to expedite the matter; however no government department has yet given a guarantee of funding.

Planning permission for this project in Clonakilty was given five years ago, and it is due to expire shortly. It is necessary to begin the work before the planning expires, in order to avoid complications down the line.

For this reason, the project will commence without the guarantee of government funding. Although the council cannot commit to the cost of the full project without central funding, they will begin with phase one of the barrage. This initial cost of 830,000 euro is to be met by the town council.

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