Wednesday 30 April 2008

New strategy for Malahide

PLANNING DEVELOPMENT: FINGAL COUNTY Council has begun a period of public consultation on a new urban strategy for Malahide in north Co Dublin.

The council is seeking proposals for a commercial, retail, residential, amenity and leisure strategy for the town. The aim is to create a vision for Malahide which will, says the council, "provide a guide for future development proposals and for the enhancement of the vitality and viability of the town".

The county development plan also asserts that development proposals should have regard to the special historic and architectural character of the area and its special amenity and tourism value.

Issues for consideration in the strategy include the need for improved retail, leisure, hospitality, recreational and health facilities, according to the invitation for submissions. It also invites opinions on the "role of car parking", access and public transport, co-ordinated and integrated development and urban design.

Maps produced by the council indicate an area whose boundary encompasses the marina village, golf links, and green space at Malahide Demesne and Chalfont Place/Avenue. The period for submissions will be followed by the appointment of planning consultants to help the council prepare the strategy. A council spokeswoman said there were no preconceived plans, bar the guidance in relation to character and amenity need for renewal. This information, along with guidance on making a submission, may be seen at the County Hall, Swords. It is also available at the council's Blanchardstown offices at Grove Road, or at Malahide public library.

While the strategy does refer to commercial development, it is thought large scale or high density development is unlikely given the emphasis on the existing character of the town. Large scale development is already pressing ahead in the nearby, but Dublin City Council-controlled, Malahide Junction/Clare Hall area.

Dublin City Council's North Fringe Framework Development Plan recommends that the Malahide Road junction with the M50/N32 should be partially bypassed to create a new high street or boulevard which will link the emerging new town centre - Malahide Junction Centre - with another square at the planned Dart station at Clongriffin.

Irish Times

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