Sunday 20 April 2008

Too many houses not finished

OVER 80 housing estates in the Gorey area alone are left unfinished by developers. This is the figure that was given at a meeting of Gorey Town Council last week.

The issue of uncompleted developments was raised by Cllr. Malcolm Byrne who told of the pertinence of having estates in proper order and made specific reference to an estate in Clonattin.

Concerns were expressed about developments not being finished properly and the catch-22 situation which the County Council find themselves in.

Cllr. Byrne stressed that the council's refusal to undertake the finishing of housing estates, which have been not been completed by the developers, is unfair on the residents.

He said that there should be a plan put in place and that the council should look at taking a test case against those who persistently show that they are not meeting standards.

Cllr. Lorcan Allen agreed that it was a major problem, but told how they could do nothing about it until they had got funding to fix the problems. When the developer is given planning permission, they agree to finish it.

Cllr. Kay O'Gorman told the council that the developers aren't taking any notice of being fined and that they should not be granted planning permission for future properties until they comply with their agreement to complete the development to the proper standard.

"It is the same developers who are causing the problems," said Cllr. O'Gorman.

Director of Services, Niall McGuigan, said: "We are trying to take estates in charge. It's a painstaking process. No one can tell at the start of the scheme what will happen. I've a lot of sympathy for the people in the estates. But, there's no point in raising people's expectations."

"There are 270 cases before the courts at the moment and a lot of these can take a couple of years before they are heard."

Rachel Cave
Gorey Echo

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