Sunday 16 November 2008

Dunlop to face bribery charge

FORMER government press secretary Frank Dunlop is facing criminal charges for his admitted bribery of local government officials.

Charges prepared by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) will include at least one count of alleged corruption against Mr Dunlop, it is understood, an offence which carries a maximum jail term of seven years.

Speaking in the grounds of Trinity College after receiving his Masters law degree, Mr Dunlop said: "When you study law and you get a masters degree in law, there is one thing you learn conclusively. That is to take the advice of your lawyers, and I have absolutely no comment to make on those matters."

It is understood Mr Dunlop has been told that charges will be preferred against him in a short time.

Reports say the specific charges against Mr Dunlop will relate to the rezoning of lands at Carrickmines owned by the mysterious Jackson Way company.

Mr Dunlop told the Mahon Tribunal that he paid over £25,000 to secure the votes of local councillors. He said he paid the money on behalf of developer John Kennedy, now living abroad, who has refused to cooperate with the tribunal.

There is speculation that corruption charges against Mr Dunlop may be the precursor to similar charges against other individuals who may have been on the receiving end of allegedly corrupt payments.

Senan Molony Deputy Political Editor

Irish Independent

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