Sunday 9 November 2008

Redevelopment of Liberty Hall

On 2 November, 2008, you carried a report that the redevelopment of Liberty Hall has been postponed because of the property slump and harsh economic climate. This is not the case. The redevelopment project is on course, with the architects Gilroy McMahon having recently presented their outline design to the National Executive Council and to the internal Consultative Group as part of the agreed consultative process. The architects are on target to complete their design early next year taking into account the need for further and ongoing consultation. It is then hoped to proceed to the planning application stage.

SIPTU has not postponed the demolition of the existing Liberty Hall, as reported in the Sunday Tribune, for the simple reason that there is no point in demolishing the existing building until such time as planning is assured, as to do so would incur unnecessary costs in relocating staff when the design is still at the outline stage. When there is any significant development to report to the media, you can rest assured we will do so.

Tony Walsh,
Head of Property Development,
Liberty Hall, Dublin 1.

Sunday Tribune

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