Monday 23 February 2009

Heritage-project grants of €4m announced

Grants worth €4.1 million for heritage-related projects were announced today. More than 540 heritage projects nationwide will receive funding, under the Heritage Council’s 2009 Grants Programme, which aims to assist in the management of the State’s heritage.

Projects that will receive funding, details of which was announced by Heritage Council chief executive, Michael Starrett, include conservation and rebinding of the four earliest minute books held by the GAA, the reestablishment of viable breeding populations of white-tailed sea eagles in southwest Ireland and of the red kite across Ireland, and a survey of basking sharks in Irish waters.

Other recipients of heritage grants will be a study of the Travelling community’s cultural heritage in Cork and the restoration and re-siting of a former Lagan canal barge in Armagh.

Speaking today, Mr Starrett said: “Heritage in Ireland is not a luxury but essential to our quality of life and sustainable economy. . . . At a time of global economic crisis, it is timely to remember how cost effective and strategic a small spend on our heritage can be.”

This year has seen an increase in the range of applications for funding by 20 per cent, with many smaller and community led projects receiving funding, the Heritage Council said.

The Heritage Council is the statutory body charged with identifying, protecting, preserving and enhancing Ireland’s national heritage.

Irish Times

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