Wednesday 6 May 2009

Plans for homes on burial site reviewed

THE DEPARTMENT of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is reviewing the granting of planning permission for three houses on Weston Close, though the the department doesn't actually have the authority to interfere with council planning matters.

Last week local residents opposed to the construction plans met to discuss any future plan of action, having lodged two appeals to An Bord Pleanála.

They insist that Weston Close is the burial ground for 300 people massacred in the 17th Century by Sir Charles Coote, a military leader under Cromwell.

One of the objectors, Cllr. Eamonn Long, says the fact that the Department are reviewing the planning permission shows they have concerns too.

'I suppose it's open to interpretation, but the impression I am getting is that the Department don't look too kindly on the development. They certainly aren't dismissing the importance of the site.'

Environment Minister John Gormley has responded to submissions made by one concerned party. A review is also taking place of the granted planning permission, despite the fact the department don't actually have the remit to interfere with any town council planning decisions.

The developer, Paddy Meyler, says he has archaeological reports that prove there aren't any remains where he wants to build the three houses.

But this holds little weight with Cllr. Long.

'I don't accept that, and nor do most of the people living in the area. Bones and skeletal remains have been found buried there before and it's not a suitable site for further construction.'

Irish Examiner

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