Thursday 21 May 2009

South Dublin County Council commences preparation of a new Development Plan for 2010-20

South Dublin County Council commenced preparation of a new Development Plan for the plan period 2010-2016 on 4th November 2008. The first step in the process was a public consultation period which ran until 8th January 2009, following which a Managers Report was prepared and circulated to the Elected Members. The Elected Members of South Dublin County Council then met to consider the report on the pre-draft stage of the Development Plan 2010-1016 on 20th April 2009.

Work will now commence on the drafting of the new Development Plan 2010-2016, and the Council anticipate that the public consultation on the Draft Plan will commence in October 2009. The adoption of the Final Plan will follow in 2010.

If you require any further details, please contact bps on 0404-66060.

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