Tuesday 21 July 2009

College Green Bus Corridor

The College Green Bus Corridor comes into effect on Monday July 27th.

It will restrict traffic through College Green during the morning and evening peak traffic periods from Monday to Friday. The scheme will operate from 7am - 10am each morning and from 4pm - 7pm each evening. During these periods, only public transport vehicles and bicycles will have access to the College Green location.

It will not be in operation on Saturdays or Sundays.

The aim of the scheme is to significantly reduce journey times for cross-city public transport and allow for increased reliability and frequency.

In addition, electronic message signs will be put in place on key city centre routes to assist car users during the introduction of the scheme.

The College Green Bus Corridor is a natural progression in traffic management in Dublin City. Access to the city for public transport users will be significantly eased as a result of the implementation of this scheme. Ready access to all of the city and its car parks will be maintained at all times, ensuring that private car users and business traffic will continue to be facilitated.


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