Monday 18 January 2010

Landscape work begins at Murrough before councillors get to see plans

SURPRISE has been expressed that landscaping work has already started along the Murrough before plans were shown to Wicklow Town Council.

Councillors had complained during the last meeting of 2009 about the condition the Murrough was in as work on the town relief road and port access road took place. At the same December meeting they were told they would be provided with drawings of the landscape plans before any of the works took place.

However, at the first meeting of 2010 last week, Cllr. Pat Kavanagh pointed out that landscaping work had already taken place which she didn't

regard as being suitable to the area.

'There were meant to be picnic tables in one part of the Murrough but that same area has now been planted with saplings. The area for the picnic tables is no longer there. Now leaves and litter will gather underneath. It's the sort of work you carry out on embankments. It might be low maintenance and little mowing needed, but it isn't advisable for the areas it's in.'

She felt the best option was to take up the saplings already planted.

Town Manager, Michael Nicholson, agreed that the elected members were promised they would be shown a finished landscape plan before work started and said he would immediately follow up the matter.

Wicklow People

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