Wednesday 20 January 2010

Soccer club asks to play on Murrough

A SECTION of town council owned land on the Murrough could be used as a training pitch for Wicklow Town AFC.

Cllr. Malcolm Earls had made a request on behalf of the soccer club to lease the land on a yearly basis from the council so it can be used for players to train. At the moment Wicklow Town AFC has two playing pitches but no training pitch.

Cllr. Pat Byrne initially earmarked the site as potentially suitable for the needs of the soccer club and Cllr. Earls and other members of the club visited the area to see just how suitable it may be.

At the moment the site is covered with firs but the club see plenty of potential for a training facility.

Town engineer, Pacelli Flood, believes there is a fair amount of work needed to make the site playable, including levelling works, draining, seeding and possibly lighting.

However, Cllr. Earls says the club can level the pitch themselves, as well as carrying some of the other works needed.

Town Manager, Michael Nicholson, has promised to get a price for levelling and get back to the club with the details.

Meanwhile the council also plans to revisit plans for a sporting facility at Brideshead.

In June the town council applied to Wicklow County Council for planning permission for the proposed development which included three pitches, an all weather running track and a sports-hall. However, the County Council refused planning due to concerns over the impact on the environment and traffic safety.

The consultants behind the turned down plan have now being asked to scale back the development and come up with a more suitable plan.

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