Monday 11 December 2023

Dublin pedestrianisation plans to be reassessed following city riots

 Interesting planning article from the Irish Tines regarding the need to alter plans for the city in light of the riots.
"The full 24/7 pedestrianisation of Dublin’s new civic spaces is being reconsidered by Dublin City Council following the recent riots in the city centre, it has emerged. The council is to examine whether some traffic, possibly taxis, will be allowed into pedestrian and cycle zones at night, in areas such as the planned College Green plaza to maintain “passive surveillance” and guard against leaving large empty spaces in the centre of the city in the evening. Concerns about the use, and potential for misuse, of new public spaces were raised with the council’s head of traffic Brendan O’Brien at a briefing for Dublin Chamber of Commerce on the proposed new Dublin City Centre Transport Plan in recent days. Under the plan road space would be reallocated from private cars to buses, cyclists and pedestrians".
Read the full article @ The Irish Times
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