Monday 11 December 2023

Irish Times opinion on the planning controversy around cynical objectors

 The Irish Times has set out its view on the latest planning controversy around a small number of cynical objector's mis-using the planning process. The opinion notes how speed of decision making is vital and these cynical objections are slowing the process down. The following is an excerpt from the opinion:
"The planning system performs an important function. It should lead to pleasant and appropriate built environments. It ensures that structures are not built where they shouldn’t be and that they conform to the relevant legislation and regulation. And that someone who feels they will be detrimentally affected can make their case. It is also cumbersome and lengthy. There are several reasons for this: the sheer number of proposed developments; the limited capacity of the system; structural problems at An Bord Pleanála; and finally the delays associated with taking any legal action that might ensue. The result is the creation of opportunities for arbitrage, as outlined in a recent RTÉ PrimeTime programme and reports in its wake. These focus on allegations of one particularly egregious practice that capitalises on delays in the hearing of appeals by An Bord Pleanála".
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