Thursday 30 August 2007

€70m bypass to ease traffic

A CONTRACT has been awarded for the construction of a €70 million motorway in Co Cork, which could be open to traffic within two years.

Roadbridge Ltd were appointed by the NRA to construct the Mitchelstown bypass, which will run from the tolled Fermoy bypass north to Kilbehenny.

The motorway project will include the construction of six bridges and nine underpasses. It will run to the east of the town.

Locally based county councillor Frank O’Flynn said: “This development is very welcome and it is expected that it will alleviate the excessive amount of unnecessary traffic, including large heavy lorries, currently passing through Mitchelstown by day and night.”

A bypass was built to the western side of Mitchelstown to coincide with the opening of the Fermoy bypass more than a year ago.

It was felt that the creation of the Fermoy bypass would pump traffic at a faster rate into Mitchelstown, thus causing bottlenecks. In the interim, planning went ahead with the new motorway.

“When operational it will help to give the town back to its people. This initiative will make Mitchelstown more attractive for investment I am appealing to the IDA to prioritise Mitchelstown its surrounding area for industrial development,” Mr O’Flynn said.

Irish Examiner

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