Monday 13 August 2007

Development welcomed by most 'if buildings not too high'

Mixed reaction to Greystones Marina Decision

Peter Holland

"I have lived in Greystones for a year and I am absolutely delighted at the plans for the harbour.

"It will be very good for the area. People down here don't want any movement, everything takes 11 or 12 years to get done.

"I retired down here and it is a great place to live. I have a boat moored in Dun Laoghaire but I will be able to move it here now with the new berths that will be put in.

"There is a seven-year wait to leave your boat here so now I will be able to have it in the area."

Bernadette Kilfeather

"I would support the development going ahead up to a certain point, but I am sceptical.

"If I position myself on the economical side of the argument, it will be a plus for Greystones and I would say 'yes' for the development.

"However, this is as long as they respect the environment and they stay reasonable on the height of the buildings. If that can bring something positive to Greystones, then I am in support.

"I am very sceptical because so far, I have seen huge buildings all around Dublin and the surrounding areas. I'm very scared to see people developing too much.

"Hopefully it will develop the local economy and people will be able to work in their community rather than having to commute to Dublin.

"I have lived here for two years and we wouldn't change that for anything in the world."

Melanie Smullen

"I don't agree with the development because I like Greystones the way that it is at the moment.

"It will make the area bigger and more commercial than what is here already. I have lived here all of my life.

"I would like it cleaned up a bit, but I wouldn't like to see a big marina put in so it would be changed into Dun Laoghaire.

"There has been a lot of houses built in the Charlesland area outside Greystones village and there has been such a flood of houses everywhere.

"They are just building and building houses and I think there is enough of them at this stage."

Esther Holland

"It will be great for Greystones from all points of view.

"It will be very good for business with the restaurants and other retail outlets which will be in place.

"We were just looking at the beach house on the coast, which needs to be cleaned up. The whole area is very run down and needs to be cleaned up.

"It could wash away some weekend."

Gary Nother

"I have lived in Greystones for the last 14 years and am in favour of the development going ahead.

"I am retired and walk the seafront every day, but I have never seen any of the people who were opposed to the development walking down here.

"There was a lot of people looking for me to sign petitions, but I never see them down here.

"Under the plans, there will be hundreds of houses and apartments built, one of which I may be interested in to move to because I am retired."

Tim Jones

"I think the harbour needs to be redone and developed. It has fallen into decay over the last few years.

"I don't know why there was so much local opposition to the development. There will be more apartments available for young people in the area."

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