Wednesday 29 August 2007

NRA considers building a new road in West Wicklow

The National Roads Authority are looking into new ways to tackle ongoing problems on the N81 through west Wicklow, which could result in the creation of a new road from Hollywood to Tallaght.

The NRA are investing a budget of €150,000 into a physical study on the N81 from the Dublin boundary to Hollywood, which is being carried out at their design office in Naas.

A number of fatal accidents have occurred on the N81 during the years, and it has been labelled one of the most dangerous roads in Ireland. Previous funding has only centred around upgrading certain dangerous bends, but this is the first time a different strategy has been taken.

Cllr. Edward Timmins hopes the study proves fruitful.

'There are no specifics at the moment but it could result in new stretches of road. The study will look into the feasibility of that and other options. Its more of a long term plan than previous solutions. The €150,000 helps to kick start it and I can't see why the NRA would put that money into a study if they didn't intend providing some really significant funding further down the line.'

A further allocation of €300,000 covers design work at Hangman's Bends and another €300,000 to carry out similar works at Knockroe Bends.

Another €700,000 has been set aside for pavement and minor works on the Annalecky to Drumreagh Overlay.

A total of €2,166,432 has been allocated for works on the N81 this year, up 20 per cent from the €1,809,382 from last year.

However, Cllr. Timmins insists an increase in funding has been a long time coming.

'We have seen some improvements in the funding allocation, but from 2000 to 2004 the average we received for the N81 was only €800,000.

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